This concerns me.....Product branding. What's the Product? YOU.
Earlier this year I pointed out in an article that suggested that the UIN could be engraved on the wrist for those that could not remember their number. Now imagine a LOGO being applied digitally via an rfid tattoo (SOMARK).  Picture it, instead of actually seeing a number, you see a "logo" that is read by a reader, and the person is then electronically confirmed as the number is read. Far fetched? Not anymore.-Christine


Application of the SOMARK tattoo is simple-

It takes seconds....

SOMARK Labstamp technology is based on a unique ink tattoo and a proprietary automated application process. We have a competitive advantage thanks to our product’s reliability, ease of use, consistent quality, and user-error prevention methods. Some product versions include a scanner for ID-to-database computer compatibility.
We have three U.S. issued patents and multiple pending patents.

Govt pledges support for launch of UID project in JK

To enable the residents to have easy access to public services, the state is set to implement Unique Identification (UID) project under Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).  With the introduction of UID number in the state, people are supposed to have easy access to all kinds of services like PDS, revenue records, power connections, banking and many others.

this unique number will be based on self data to be provided by each person and his/her bio-metrics like ten finger prints, eyes scan and facial features will be stored in a data base and any person seeking any kind of services will have to prove his identity through these bio-metrics to avoid any duplication of identification.

Nilekani said that this ambitious project, covering entire population, will have the largest database of hundreds millions of people which will have a response time of merely five seconds to authenticate the identity of a particular individual. This number will work as the identity number of the individual which will be either learnt by him or inscribed on his wrist which when entered in UID enabled system shall replicate his identity.

SOMARK to attend National AALAS Meeting October 10-14 in Atlanta, GA

SAN DIEGO, CA., September 2010 – SOMARK Innovations, Inc. will attend the National AALAS meeting from October 10-14 in Atlanta, GA. SOMARK will be exhibiting at Booth 811 with a demonstration unit of Labstamp, a machine that applies automated tail tattoos for mouse ID. SOMARK will participate in the Husbandry/Management platform session on Monday, October… Read more

SOMARK to attend SDAALAS Fall Symposium on September 17

SAN DIEGO, CA., August 2010 – SOMARK Innovations, Inc. will be a participating vendor at the SDAALAS Fall Symposium on September 17th in La Jolla, CA. SOMARK will have a demonstration unit of Labstamp, a machine that applies automated tail tattoos for mouse ID.

Albert Davis Auschwitz survivor.
Nazi Tattoo

Tattoos and Numbers: The System of Identifying Prisoners at Auschwitz
During the Holocaust, concentration camp prisoners received tattoos only at one location, the Auschwitz concentration camp complex, which consisted of Auschwitz I (Main Camp), Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monowitz and the subcamps). Incoming prisoners were assigned a camp serial number which was sewn to their prison uniforms. Only those prisoners selected for work were issued serial numbers; those prisoners sent directly to the gas chambers were not registered and received no tattoos. -source